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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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Gas, flatulence, passing wind, farting…whatever you want to call it – a certain amount is a sign of a healthy gut! 10-20 times a day is considered ‘normal’ & indicates your inner community of microbes are well-fed and happy, busy fermenting the leftover as part of good digestion.

If you’re feeling like you’re having ‘too much’ or ‘too smelly’ there are a few strategies you can try to reduce it.

  1. Avoid sweeteners such as in sugar-free gum & some protein supplements. They’re hard for your small intestine to absorb & can lead to a bacteria feast, producing excess gas.
  2. If the smell is getting to you, watch how much protein you’re eating. Try limiting protein to 1g per kg of your body weight daily for 2 weeks – then if you want to increase, try balancing higher protein with fibre (eg wholegrains or vege) at each meal.
  3. Try the SENSITIVE GUT menu plan in Eat More, Live Well*. This is based on my FODMAP-lite approach, swipe for some simple switches all the details in the book.Remember you shouldn’t go whole-hog on the low FODMAP diet without support from a trained professional*, as this can starve your good bacteria – and we don’t want hangry bacteria.
  4. Try peppermint oil capsules especially with trapped as it relaxes the gut. There’s no clinical evidence for peppermint tea as it’s probably too low a dose – but it won’t hurt if you feel it helps.
  5. Avoid wine. Vino contains sulphur, which can for some cause pretty smelly gas if it’s not absorbed properly in your small intestine.

And if, after trying these strategies, you’re still struggling for a month, head to your GP/ physician who can test for any underlying conditions such as coeliac disease.

What other gut symptoms would you like me to cover? Let me know below

Pic:Happy baby, part of the gut-directed yoga flow in Eat Yourself Healthy/ Love Your Gut… another way to ease some excess.

*Eat More, Live Well

*The Gut Health Clinic team are all FODMAP-certified


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