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Autism Microbiota Mechanisms Study

Autism research

AUTIMM aims to better understand the role of the gut-microbiota-brain axis in autism spectrum disorder.

Approximately 50% of adults on the autism spectrum have a gastrointestinal disorder, but it is unclear why the rates are so much higher than the general population. It could be that both autism and gastrointestinal disorders share a common underlying mechanism. Alternatively, it could be due to an abnormality in the gut-brain axis. The gut-brain axis describes the lines of communication that exist between the gut and the brain. A key component of that communication is the gut microbiota.

AUTIMM want to get a clearer picture of the relationship between autism, GI symptoms and gut-brain communication. To achieve this, they are inviting adults with and without autism to our Guy’s Campus at London Bridge. Participants will be asked to complete a battery of tests to examine different aspects of the gut-brain axis. This includes a blood test, stool sample (which you can do at home) and a physiological assessment (heart rate and breathing rate).

If you want to be involved or to find out more about the study click here.