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Fancy a different new year challenge? Try this…

Plant points

Okay, so I am NEVER going to advocate for drastic (and, ultimately ineffective and too often damaging) dietary measures that cut out whole food groups or lead you to believe that a kitkat and banana are “equal” (yes calorie-counting programs I’m onto you!).

BUT, if you are full of 2022 motivation and thrive on trying something new, then, good news: you can try out my Plant Points Challenge, with zero need to commit to unscientific fads.

So, what is it? Well, it’s pretty simple.

You commit to trying to hit 30 plant points a week, by eating 30 different plant foods.

There’s no need to spend a load of cash, to visit a fancy health food shop or to download an app you spend all day filling in.

Just gear your mindset towards diversity, INclusion over EXclusion and eating a multi textured, multi coloured rainbow.

I’ve popped some of my key diversity hacks below to get you on your way – but pick up ‘Eat More, Live Well’ (out now!) for even more handy detail!


  1. Every time you go to serve up a meal at home, stop and think, ‘What could I add?’ Chop a banana over your porridge, add some sprouts to your sandwich, slice a tomato on to your plate.
  2. Most, if not all, dishes will benefit from the addition of some herbs or spices, which also add some extra phytochemicals to your meal. Keep your dried herb and spice jars out where you can see them, so you don’t forget to sprinkle a few into each meal.
  3. Go for the mixed packs of plants e.g. switch broccoli for for stir fry veg; pumpkin seeds for 4 seed mix; rice for mixed grains; chickpeas for 4 bean mix.