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Celery juice myths vs reality

Celery juice cannot ‘cure’ bloating! I can’t believe we’re still on this in 2021 but sadly this cr*p seems to stick. Put down the celery juice and read this
You might have heard claims that celery juice ‘detoxifies’ or is a ‘cure all’ for anything from cancer and diabetes, to digestive issues and bloating.
Sure, celery contains decent levels of vitamins K, but it’s largely just water. So the crazy health claims are not only false, but could be dangerous when taken to the extreme.
  •  It tastes pretty gross on its own, am I right?
  • Concentrated celery juice could actually trigger bloating in people with IBS (it’s high in FODMAPs) – the total opposite of the claims!
  • Juicing removes the all-important fibre – and this fibre is SO key for your gut health and in turn linked to lower risk of 70+ chronic conditions.
  • The whole ‘negative calorie food’ thing is also a myth… why would we want negative calorie foods anyway? We need the calories and nutrients that whole foods give us to survive and thrive


If you’re struggling and really want to beat the bloat (although remember a bit of bloating is totally normal), try this:
  •  Opting for whole foods instead of juices or smoothies
  • Splitting your food intake into smaller portions throughout the day
  • Chew your food well, between 10-20 times. Digestion starts in the mouth!
 Please don’t listen to anyone who claims to get their nutritional “expertise” from spirits…!
If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sadly there’s no magic fix when it comes to nutrition – and having millions of followers or a blue tick, doesn’t mean your health advice is verified!